Battleship Creativity

This past week I was having a conversation with some of my creative coworkers, Amy and Michael. They were having a conversation about what it’s like to narrow down a point of a talk we have to support creatively.

There’s two ways you can face a system like this. You can complain that you never know what you have to support till the last minute OR you can take action. As Michael was explaining what we can do (the second option) I said, it’s like playing Battleship!

Sometimes you have to zero in on your creative content. You know it’s out there in the big, blue expanse of your mind (or someone else’s). Sometimes you just need to start shooting. Start with small, cheap ammunition. Ideas, questions, examples, that way you don’t waste the good stuff. Once you hear that ping of contact, start unloading the big stuff.┬áThat’s when you start developing, prototyping, getting others opinions.

When you have the opportunity to help support others ideas, make sure you do the work to understand exactly where they are. Play a little game of Battleship Creativity.

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