Change Someone’s World Today

Isn’t it crazy what believing in someone can do? Sometimes I wonder why we don’t believe in people more, why we don’t give them the opportunity to succeed. I really think it’s because we’ve been treated the same way. We haven’t been believed in. BUT, what if we decided to encourage one person today? What could start because of that?

Here’s a few simple ideas on how to encourage someone today,

1) Write them a card. We often forget the impact of sitting down and taking a couple minutes to write a card to someone. Yeah, text is nice, email is quick, but an analog card is something a little more tangible. A little more thought went into it.

2) Get creative with a drink. Does that person you want to encourage love coffee? Get them a drink and leave a little note on it. Short, simple, tasty.

3) Publicly praise them in front of peers. I firmly believe nothing is more powerful and empowering then being recognized, for a specific task, in front of peers. If you keep it to general you run the risk of patronizing the person. If you clearly communicate what they did great at, you’ve empowered them to do it again!

Whose world will you change today?

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