WCA Global Leadership Summit – Day 2

Coming at you a few days after the Leadership Summit has ended are my takeaways on day two! The second day was just a challenging as the first. I was certainly tired at the end of the day but filled up by what the speakers had to say. I’m just going to give you two takeaways I had from day 2 but if you’d like more of a comprehensive overview check  Justin Wise’s Blog, the LeadershipFreak Blog, or Scott Williams Blog. You can check out my day one recap here. 

The first takeaway I had was from Patrick Lencioni. You have probably heard of him, but if not just google him and buy one of his books. Anyone will do, they are all great. He was talking about organizational health and how it’s the trump factor in what makes one business more successful then another.

One of the main themes of organizational health is clarity. It’s extremely important to be clear on job roles, core purpose, core values, strategy, and what’s most important right now. After you do that, you need to over communicate that clarity. Then you need to reinforce that clarity.

My challenge for myself is to evaluate the areas I may be under clarifying things. Once I have those figured out I need to over communciate that to make sure me and those around me are all aligned on the same page.

The second takeaway was from Mario Vega. He gave a great talk (in Spanish) on integrity. Very challenging. This quote in particular stuck out to me.

When a person engages in dishonest living they reveal their lack of character.

My challenge for myself? I need to make sure I build in people around me to let me know if I’m living and leading out of integrity. I also need to do some honest self check-ups on the condition of my heart and motives out of which I act.

There are a couple of my takeaways & action steps, how about you? What have you been learning lately? 

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