WCA Global Leadership Summit – Day 1

Yesterday I attended the first day of the Global Leadership Summit. It was a great and challenging day. I was blown away by the openness and humility of the leaders that shared on that stage. I thought about doing a recap post on the highlights from each session but here are so many other great bloggers who’ve done that way better than me. So if you are wanting more of a recap of what someone said check out Justin Wise’s Blog, the LeadershipFreak Blog, or Scott Williams Blog.

What I’d really love to share with you today are the two takeaways that I hope to turn into action steps from day one.

Bill Hybels had so many great things he taught on in 4 or 5 mini “teachings”. The lesson that hit home most was the lesson on Self-Leadership. He started it off by saying, “You are the most difficult person you will ever lead.” You know what…I agree with that.

Bill talked about a 6×6 strategy he uses to focus his energy on the right projects. He’ll take 6 projects and focus just on them to get them done in 6 weeks. He said he’s had tremendous results from it. But, at the core of this is where I’d like to create an action step.

Bill said that leaders aren’t called to respond, they are called to move things ahead. That right there is my first challenge/takeaway. As a leader, what am I moving ahead? At work? In my relationships? In my marriage? My next step is to determine things to move ahead in those areas.

The second takeaway came from Craig Groeschel. He talked on bridging the generational gap. It was challenging and inspiring.

He challenged my generation on two things. Don’t have an entitled mindset (because we do) and show honor to those before us.

The action step for me in this is to be actively seeking out ways for me to honor those who went before me. That includes my grandparents and parents, current and past leaders, and really anyone who has significantly impacted my life.

Those are two challenges I’m taking away from day 1 and super excited for what I’ll learn today! Feel free to follow along on Twitter for thoughts from the conference.

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