A Well Timed Question

A few weeks ago I was poking around on Justin Wise’s blog and reading a post about a survey he’s doing with Monk Development. The survey is about what is effective in social media and ministry. A great question(s) to ask.

I went through and took the survey (which I encourage you to do) and was very challenged by some of the questions that were asked. Also, in the same post Justin referenced an older study called Best Practices in Internet Ministry. I downloaded that puppy and read through it.

The study was released in 2008 which is right before the explosion of Facebook/Twitter and other newer social media outlets. The findings though, right on. It was interesting to read some of their findings from 2008 and see how true their statements are in 2011.

The best part about the survey were the questions they had asked. I’ve come to learn that sometimes it’s not about the knowledge you know but the questions you ask. A well timed and well placed question, I feel, has the potential to be more of a change agent then having the right thing to say.

I thought it would be great to share some of the questions that really stood out to me and are some questions that I’m dealing with at this very moment. Maybe you’ll find them helpful too.

  • Who is ultimately responsible for the web site? (You can read this as web presence or social media)
  • Is it in their job description?
  • Who sets the direction for the web site? Is there a group of people who do this?
  • Are volunteers involved?
  • Do you have any written goals or a mission statement?
  • Who is your target user?
  • Is there any web training? (I ask, do you offer social media training for your staff or coworkers?)

Those are just some of the questions. The findings to these questions provide some great insight. You can read them here.

Are you involved in any form of Social Media for your organization, non-profit, church? If so, what questions have you asked? What challenges have you faced?

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